Plaxico Burress Creates an OnlyFans Account

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If you know of the website, you surely know what 90 percent of the clientele of that website offers and/or seeks.

If you don’t, it may be better that way, although this announcement from ex-Giant Plaxico Burress may or may not be part of that 10 percent soon:

For the uninitiated, is a site that allows content creators to “sign up and make money interacting with your fans,” although a cursory search (for research, honest) reveals that a majority of those creators have spaces that are, let’s say, not so safe for work.

The Tweet had more than 1000 retweets and comments within an hour, and the comment section was pure gold, ranging from several variants of the usual “shot in the leg” comments to several incredible memes – from crying LeBron to laughing Chris Farley to Draymond Green’s blank look during a Warriors blowout loss to OKC – to even one dude asking Plax to set the draft order for his fantasy football league.

And this, a hybrid of the former plus an explanation of OnlyFans’ bread and butter:

Burress is charging $15.30 for 30 days of access to his content, which is 10 percent off according to the locked subscription page, but had no content yet as of the Tweet. We hope, though, that Burress someday raises his price to $17.14 for access to his content, y’know, that being the final score of Super Bowl XLII and all.

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