Radio Host: Tom Brady Is Led by Gisele Bundchen's Witchcraft


BOSTON ( -- When it comes to conversations about Tom Brady, this was a new one.

Joining the "Mut & Callahan Show" with Mike Mutnansky, Evan Drellich and Alex Reimer, Rick Wiles of Tru News called in to explain why he believes Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, is a witch and the New England Patriots quarterback is being led around by her witchcraft.

"Everything Mr. Brady described as his wife doing is paganism, is witchcraft," Wiles said. "What he described was witchcraft and he said, ‘My wife is a witch.’ His wife said, ‘You married a witch. You married a good witch.’ It’s witchcraft. ... She is practicing witchcraft, and Tom Brady is allowing to happen in his home."

The conversation stemmed from Brady's recent comments at a fundraising event at Gillette Stadium during which he said, "(Gisele) always makes a little altar for me at the game because she just wills it so much,” complete with pictures of his children.

"And I have these little special stones and healing stones and protection stones, and she has me wear a necklace and take these drops she makes, I say all these mantras," Brady added. "And I stopped questioning her a long time ago. I just shut up and listen."

By Rob Bradford