You Can Take a UFO Cruise in Mexico

A Holland America cruise ship
Photo credit David Friedman

The truth is out there on the wide open seas.

Holland America is taking passengers on a trip to explore the supernatural aboard a seven-day UFO Cruise down the Mexican Riviera.

“This cruise will explore UFOs, extraterrestrial life, and alien contact,” the cruise line claims on its website. “We will unearth the truth about the UFO coverup, and we will explore the possibility of disclosure with some of the most respected researchers, investigators, authors, teachers, speakers, intuitive counselors, healers, contactees, abductees, and spiritual teachers on the planet.”

Wannabe Agents Mulder and Scully will enjoy the warm weather inside conference rooms where speakers will discuss everything from nonhuman communication and artificial intelligence to interplanetary souls and the idea that there’s a UFO base under the coast of California.


Outdoor activities include a daily UFO watch with night vision goggles, an “authentic Maya fire ceremony” in Cabo, touring the infamous Las Labradas Petroglyphs in Mazatlán and swimming with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta.

In addition, passengers can enjoy all the typical amenities associated with a non-UFO cruise like yoga classes, unlimited dining options and room service, live music, spa and pool services and casino gaming. Unfortunately, all booze is extra, so bring cash because you are definitely going to need drinks after hearing all those alien abduction stories!

The cruise departs from San Diego on October 6th and makes stops in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta before returning on October 13th.

Now, if this X-Files worthy trip sounds up your alley, you should know searching for signs of extraterrestrial life doesn’t come cheap. Rates aboard the UFO cruise start at $1698 per person based on double occupancy for an interior room with no windows.

Bon voyage, Earthlings!