Here for Good. The Podcast “Inside Edition”| EP. 27 – Euricka Francis, Phlebotomist | Bee Inspired

Euricka Francis, skilled phlebotomist, joined Dennis Pullin, President and CEO, in the latest episode of the Here for Good: Inside Edition podcast. During her short but impactful five months here at Virtua, Euricka has garnered praise and appreciation from colleagues and patients alike. She said that her new colleagues have warmly welcomed her to the team, and she extends the same warmth to her patients. Patient satisfaction surveys and five-star ratings consistently spotlight Euricka's exceptional care and dedication. One patient, Lisa, raved, “Euricka is so nice and funny. She made my experience very easy and relaxing.”

Fellow colleagues have high praise for Euricka, emphasizing that she is making a significant impact on people's lives by creating personal connections with them. Her positivity and warmth demonstrate how good first impressions make all the difference.

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