Here for Good. The Podcast “Inside Edition”| EP. 28 – Dr. Nicole Lamborne, VP of Clinical Operations | Bee Inspired

In the latest Episode of Here for Good: Inside Edition, Dr. Nicole Lamborne, VP of clinical operations, speaks with President and CEO Dennis Pullin about the exciting new initiative called Team Birth at Virtua Voorhees Hospital.

Recognizing that the journey to motherhood is both exhilarating and challenging, Team Birth was born from the collaboration between the Department of Health and the New Jersey Quality Institute. Its main goal is to empower mothers to voice their needs and concerns during the birthing process. During an update on the initiative, Dr. Lamborne shared valuable insights, particularly in identifying flaws in communication between staff and patients.

Dr. Lamborne says, “We think we are listening, but we really are not. Patients are challenging their care teams, and if we aren’t open to hear what they are trying to say, we are not really listening and communicating.”

Since the implementation, Dr. Lamborne has seen positive developments in communication. The initiative is currently underway at Virtua Voorhees with hopes to expand implementation to all delivering hospitals within Virtua.

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