Camila Cabello on her favorite 'Familia' track and why 'psychofreak' was the hardest song to write

Camila takes us on a tour of the 'Familia' era
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As her new studio album, Familia, arrived Camila Cabello joined us for an Audacy Check In!

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Upon the arrival of her new project, Cabello told Audacy’s Julia that she has set the intention to enjoy this release as much as possible. Looking at her previous records comparing it to her current release, Camila said she was “a hot mess” when Romance debuted. “I think when it came out it was like the worst point of my mental health,” explained the “Bam Bam” singer. But she notes, “now I’m at my best point.”

Cabello tells us her favorite track on the album is “Boys Don’t Cry.” The singer explained that her choreographers fell in love with the track, which sparked a “newfound obsession” with the song for Camila.

LISTEN NOW: Camila Cabello talks with Audacy's Julia

Cabello noted that “Boy’s Don’t Cry” was “inspired by one man in my life, but now I feel like I can relate it to my dad… and just seeing guys talk about it made me have a newfound appreciation for it.”

Speaking about her collaboration with WILLOW on “psychofreak,” Cabello said that she always knew she wanted the “transparent soul” singer to collaborate with her on the song. “I’m so grateful that she said yes to being on this song and working on it with me because I just can’t think of anybody better to collaborate specifically on this song with and also just in general,” explained Cabello. “I feel like working with her has inspired me to collaborate more.” Camila shared that when she got to watch WILLOW record her part of the song she enjoyed just being able “to be a music fan” at the moment.

For Cabello, “psychofreak” was the hardest song for her to write. “It felt so vulnerable to be talking about those things at the time,” revealed the artist. “I had been working through a lot of those thoughts, like paranoia and intimacy issues. It was the first time I really put those specifically in a song.”

While “psychofreak” may sound like a “cool vibey song” as Cabello puts it, she wants listeners to understand that the track paints a portrait of her mental health during that time. The song underscores her anxiety. She shared, “I hope people can feel the pain behind some of those words.”

Camila concluded, “this album was me realizing, nobody does anything on their own. Like we f***ing depend on… so many things that are outside of ourselves.”

Check out Cabello’s full interview above. Familia is out everywhere now.

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