DeCamara 'bothered' by A.J. Brown sideline frustration: 'Where's your support for our guy?'


A.J. Brown was caught on the sidelines yelling at Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni towards the end of Thursday night's win against the Vikings and Joe DeCamara says he was "bothered" by the encounter.

"Then you throw in the A.J. Brown thing, it really disappoints me," DeCamara said on Friday's 94WIP Morning Show.

"A lot of it was predicated on that Hurts had struggled in the first half and so they just ran, ran, ran, ran, and ran really effective and then when they passed it was two bombs to DeVonta [Smith], one of which was in the second half. And the thing about that that really bothered me as an Eagles fans, is Jalen Hurts is our guy. Like he's struggling right now, but he's our guy. He led the Eagles to a magical year last year…He is best friends with A.J. Brown and it's like dude, where's your support for your guy? Jon, if you're having a tough show, you know what I'm not going to do? I'm not going to sell you out."

Ritchie wasn't as bothered as DeCamara was, but acknowledged it was a "selfish move."

"It does not bother me like it bothers you," Ritchie said. "Because I know A.J. Brown and Jalen Hurts are close. I know they love one another. I know they talk about that. They're best friends, they've told us that repeatedly. When we had issues with this in the past…Alshon [Jeffery], when he was throwing fits, remember, he hated the quarterback who was throwing him the ball. This wide receiver loves the quarterback who is throwing him the ball. That helps them get through this.

"I understand, A.J. is being in petulance and that's what start wide receivers do. Sometimes you just got to grin and bear that. I appreciate that he's going to go out and get it next week and I expect that, just like with Dallas Goedert…The fact that it happened in the second game of the season so early, yeah it's a little unsettling but I know they can work this out."

Nick Sirianni was asked about it after the game and seemed annoyed.

The Eagles won the game 34-28, but Brown caught just four of six targets for 29 yards, while his counterpart Smith had four catches for 131 yards and a touchdowns. Brown has yet to find the endzone this season.

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