Ike Reese sick of hearing fellow hosts pick Chiefs to beat Eagles


Several hosts at the station have spent Monday explaining why they are picking the Chiefs to beat the Eagles on Monday night, despite how much it pains them to admit.

Ike Reese is sick of hearing that refrain, and is going with the Eagles against the reigning Super Bowl champs in their own building.

“I gotta get the city together, man,” Ike said. “It’s always on me to carry the torch, and I gotta carry the torch again today. This has been the most depressing radio I’ve heard all day today…everybody is basically [picking the Chiefs].

“It seems like you all don’t believe in the Eagles. That’s not the city.
You guys don’t represent the city.”

Ike believes the fanbase is with him in believing that the Eagles will win, and says Philly needs this win to help silence the doubters who still say this team needs to prove itself.

“It’s a big deal for me,” Ike said. “It’s almost like the eagles are still searching for validation for some people. It just sounds like the Eagles need a win against a team like this so it erases all the nonsense of ‘Oh, we haven’t been this team or this quarterback yet.’”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff | Getty Images