Nick Sirianni details how Jalen Hurts adjusted plays at line of scrimmage on two TD throws


Not only is Jalen Hurts putting the numbers (first player ever to start the season with 900 yards passing and 150 yards rushing), but his leadership, experience, and progression was on full display in Sunday's win over the Commanders.

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni detailed how Hurts adjusted routes, moved players at the line scrimmage, and displayed incredible calmness on two touchdown passes.

"They just adjusted the way a route was going to happen," Sirianni said of Hurts' touchdown pass to A.J. Brown. "It really was a combination of what was happening with A.J. and DeVonta [Smith], right? We had a certain play on, he adjust the route based off of the coverage that we saw and made an unbelievable check. We were so excited that he made that check and as soon as he made that check we were like, 'Touchdown.' That's the freedom you want your quarterback to have, to be able to see things and get you to the correct play. And that's the progression you're seeing from Jalen of him continuing to get better and having complete control and mastery over this offense."

And then, on fourth and goal with 18 seconds left in the first half, Hurts connected with Smith, who made an insane catch for a touchdown.

"Calmness, unbelievable right there," Sirianni said on Monday morning. "We threw the ball the first two downs and in that scenario, we felt good with that because of how much time is left on the clock. We feel like we have two plays, even if run it. We wanted to just pound it in there and kudos to them, they did a good job of stopping it. But then Jalen gets to a play, exactly, that wasn't in our plan. Not only that, he gets one of our tight ends lined up late. We were in a three-by-one set, the play he calls is a two-by-two set. Jalen very calmly moved him over, snapped the ball, and he did it in two seconds. There was no doubt in my mind we were going for it there in that scenario...he was completely calm, completely in control, got the guys lined up and made a great throw to DeVonta and DeVonta obviously made a huge, huge catch."

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