Jason Kelce provides an update on Travis and Taylor Swift


Jason Kelce, the official 94WIP Morning Show insider on all things Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, joined DeCamara and Ritchie on Wednesday to provide an update after Swift famously attended Sunday's Chiefs-Bear game at Arrowhead Stadium.

"My reaction was, this is exactly what I think is going to happen," Kelce said on Wednesday's 94WIP Morning Show. "She's going to go to the game and the whole world is going to lose their God damn mind...I was trying to be, 7:30 in the morning last week—I am happy that WIP got the pub for it, but I was just trying to be sarcastic. But it ended up, she went to the game this week, so. It was fun watching the whole world take it in to be honest with you. But yeah, I'm more focused on talking to Trav and mom after the game and seeing how everything went...I saw the videos of the brigade that the Chiefs had to put outside the suite that she was in. You just hope somebody of her level and stature can enjoy the game. It certainly seemed like she was enjoying from all accounts and everybody I've talked to."

Jason, who calls into the 94WIP Morning Show every Wednesday at 7:30am, made news last week when he said the Travis-Taylor rumors are "one hundred percent true."

Jon Ritchie went deeper, asking for juicy details from the Travis-Taylor relationship, specifically if they got to "first base" yet.

"I would hope, but I have no idea," Kelce said. "I have gotten no inclination from Travis as to what his batting percentage as been or anything like that.

"I would say with this one he's definitely going above and beyond to be a gentleman and I think that he can probably handle both of those gears when necessary."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Jason Hanna/Getty Images