1Thing: What does it mean to be eco-friendly?


You’ve probably heard the word eco-friendly thrown around quite a bit these days, but what does it really mean?

In simpler terms, eco-friendly means earth-friendly and not harmful to the planet.

Sustainable practices and green products fall under the category of eco-friendly when they help the environment thrive and conserve resources such as water and energy.

Sustainability can also decrease exposure to pollution and toxic materials, which improves quality of life.

In order for products to be considered eco-friendly, they must be non-toxic, sustainably-grown (raised without herbicides and pesticides), or made with recycled materials.

Some products have a biodegradable label, which means they break down naturally and are better for the environment in the long-run.

There’s plenty of ways to stay eco-friendly in your everyday life by making small yet effective changes.

Eliminate food waste by buying less food and eating what you have in your fridge, eating the ends and stems from fruits and vegetables, freezing fruits and veggies, and composting leftover food.

You can make your commute eco-friendly by driving cars and motorcycles less and opting for bikes and scooters, choosing electric vehicles, carpooling or taking public transportation, and working from home.

And be sure transform your home into an eco-friendly oasis by using LED light bulbs, installing solar panels, and washing your clothes in cold water.

All these small steps (and more) will help you live a greener life and do your part in helping the planet.

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