Guy Threw 20 Different Super Bowl Parties for Homeless People

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30-year-old Meir Kalmanson is a rabbi in New York and a social media personality who goes by the name Meir Kay.  (His first name is pronounced Mayor.)  And he did something pretty cool for the Super Bowl yesterday. Three years ago, he invited a few homeless guys to his Super Bowl party, so they could watch the game and get something to eat.  And when he posted a video about it, other people started reaching out to get involved.  So he kept doing it. He calls it his "Super SOUL Party."  And his event in New York last year had about 100 people.  So this year, he went even bigger. With the help of volunteers, he organized TWENTY Super Soul parties in at least 15 cities around the country. The point is to give people with nowhere else to go a chance to watch the game in a group setting, and get some free food. But he says it's really a roundabout way to address an even deeper issue.  Quote, "I want people to connect, and to see that they're not alone."