Osterlind Explores the Mortuary Haunted Mansion

mortuary adventure

It's once again that time of year when New Orleans most popular self-guided attraction rises from the depths of darkness to welcome in its victims with open severed arms!

The Mortuary Haunted Mansion is open for business and this year it's on FIRE! The Mortuary has opened a portal to the INFERNO through Hell's Gate with an experience that will smolder your soul to ashes.

John Osterlind, host of 'The John Osterlind Morning Show' had an opportunity to traverse through Hell's Gate and explore a little of what The Mortuary has to offer.


The Mortuary Haunted Mansion (which is an actual mortuary) cannot have been located in a more frightening location... right next to a real life cemetery on Canal Street!

John Osterlind has a chance to speak with Jeff, owner and operator of the haunted house, who gave some history of how the attraction came to be.


If you you're brave enough to face the Mortuary's INFERNO for yourself,
click HERE or go to themortuary.net for tickets and information.