Audacy Live: Join us for a Billy Idol Album Release Special celebrating 'The Roadside'

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With a total of eight studio albums under his spiked belt, Rock icon Billy Idol is getting set to have fans screaming for "more, more, more" as he drops his first collection of songs since 2014's Kings & Queens of the Underground.

Billy Idol joins us right here on Audacy Live as he discusses his new release and gives us an exclusive performance!

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Idol's new 4-song EP arrived on Friday via Dark Horse Records marking his first new release in nearly seven years.

“We started recording the EP at the beginning of the pandemic,” Idol tells Audacy's Larry Morgan. Despite crafting his new EP throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Idol opted against making any type of commentary.

“We decided we weren’t going to write anything directly about the pandemic because I usually find that with songs, it’s best to let the situation marinate, drink it in,” he said. “Then in a few months time it’ll come out naturally. We’ve already got another song that’s coming along that’s much more of a pandemic song.”

Despite not having any songs that directly reference the pandemic, Idol put out the song “Bitter Taste” in hopes that it may inspire others who are currently going through a difficult time. “With ‘Bitter Taste,’ I was writing about this motorcycle accident I had about 30 years ago in 1990,” Idol says. “That was something I had to overcome. I nearly lost my right leg, I had a terrible hole in my leg.”

“I thought about that time in my life and I thought about [how] a lot of people are going through a lot of trouble right now and have a lot they have to overcome,” he continued. “Maybe this song will help them. It’s not directly about the pandemic, but it’s about overcoming something in your life. A problem you have to face up to and come to grips with and try to overturn it.”

Billy Idol's 'The Roadside EP tracklist:

1. Rita Hayworth
2. Bitter Taste
3. U Don’t Have To Kiss Me Like That
4. Baby Put Your Clothes Back On

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