Patriots know things need to change, 'or it can get ugly real fast'

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Through six games, the Patriots are 2-4 and obviously have an uphill battle when it comes to making the playoffs and salvaging the season.

Since 1978, just 8.8% of the teams who started 2-4 made the playoffs and the average finish is 6-10.

The Patriots players know things need to change and change in a hurry.

“It stinks, honestly. It stinks," edge rusher Matthew Judon said. "I can sit up here and say we could have been, we should have been, or we could, but the reality of it is we’re 2-4. Nobody in the locker room wants to be 2-4. Nobody in the locker room is happy about that record. But the one thing we all are is we’re encouraged. It’s not the end of the season. … It’s not written in the record book yet, so we can change that. We can change that. And that is why we’re all encouraged. We all know we can do better. We all know what we need to do better and we’re going to go out there and do it better. We have to or it can get ugly real fast.

He added: "We have so much ahead of us. The past has been, quite frankly, [expletive] for us. We’ve had some bad breaks, but we also haven’t made those plays.”

Part of the struggles this year have been going 0-4 at home.

Kyle Van Noy hopes to change that because the fans deserve better.

“We’re so focused on the Jets, and we’re so ready to get back on the field to be able to perform at the level we have, especially in front of our fans that deserve better than what we’ve been doing," he said. "The guys are hungry. Working hard. We just need to go prove it.”

The Patriots will host the Jets Sunday at 1 p.m.