DeCamara & Ritchie: Keeping an 'underwhelming' 2-0 Eagles' start in perspective


Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie opened Monday's 94WIP Morning Show after the second Sunday of the NFL season in the books and talked about their macro view of the Philadelphia Eagles right now.

"I think it has been an underwhelming 2-0," DeCamara said. "I don't think I ever used that before...I can't ever remember a more criticized 2-0, but to their credit they are 2-0 and that helps the season. Their talent helps. The schedule early helps, at a time when they're in a shaky zone going to face Tampa is a nice team to go face."

While the Eagles are 2-0, they have won their two games by a combined 11 points. The Cowboys are 2-0 and have won their two games by a combined 60 points, allowing just 10 points in their first two games. And the 2-0 49ers have a plus-30 point differential.

"A lot of teams look better than we do," Ritchie said. "What I've seen in the first two weeks is the Dallas Cowboys are better than we are. The 49ers are better than we are. Some teams I never imagined, some teams I never dreamed look like they've gotten things rolling sooner than we did. We are still 2-0. I am increasingly annoyed with the way that we're playing, but I am not concerned with the way that we are playing because I know this organization has told us, 'Hey guys it might take a month until we get this thing to where it needs to be.'"

Philadelphia is banged up with injuries starting to pile up across the board, but the best thing they have going for them early on is their schedule. The Eagles' next four games are: at Tampa Bay, vs. Washington, at the Los Angeles Rams, and at the New York Jets.

"The Eagles have a really good shot to get 4-0 and the Eagles have a legitimate shot to get to 6-0, so I don't want to lose sight of that," DeCamara said. "It could mid October, they still might not be playing their best football or anywhere near it and just based on talent and early schedule, the Eagles have a legitimate chance to get to 6-0...Schedule wise and start wise, 2-0 is still 2-0 and we got to be happy with that reality."

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images