The Process v. The People: Was The Process worth it?


On Thursday, June 8th, 2023 SportsRadio94WIP hosted a day debating The Process called The Process v. The People.

Howard Eskin on the 94WIP Morning Show: 'The Process is over and it failed'

"Let's just go back to the simplest form," Eskin said. "This Sixers' ownership is a joke. It's a bad ownership. They're interested in making money in whatever way they can do it. Do they really have the passion like Jeffrey Lurie, like John Middleton to win? Scam Hinkie conned people. It was a total Ponzi scheme. It was a total failure. This is how ridiculous it was. Hinkie, actually tried to get the Sixers—and I know this for a fact—to give him a nine year contract because he told them it would take him that long.

"You have one player, Embiid, who in the same draft by the way was [Nikola] Jokic, which is amazing...It's easy to say The Process was never followed through. You can't go forever. They had enough time."

Jon Johnson on the 94WIP Morning Show

Spike Eskin and Yaron Weitzman on The Process

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