Bryce Harper apparently couldn't care less about the NBA Finals

By , Audacy Sports

It has become a trend for fans attending MLB games to ask a player — typically an outfielder with his back turned to the fans behind him — to raise his left hand for one option, and his right hand for another option. It doesn't matter what the two options are — ketchup or mustard, chicken or the egg, Shohei Ohtani or Vladimir Guerrero Jr. for AL MVP, and sometimes more inappropriate, immature questions — but the rush that goes through these fans in the event that the player raises a hand seems to be an otherworldly experience, at least based on the subsequent social media reaction.

Sometimes, the players won't engage with the fans, especially if they're hecklers.

But usually, in the case of the Choice A or Choice B questions from fans, the outfielder will be willing to play along and raise one of his hands. Bryce Harper was put to the test recently, though he was in the dugout when it happened, and he responded — but not in the way you might expect.

For what it's worth, he did give them an answer. Had he raised one of his hands, his answer may not have come across as genuine if he really doesn't care, at all, whatsoever, about these NBA Finals. Based on a map put out by the New York Times, Harper should be a Lakers fan based on his geographic upbringing in Las Vegas, and we do know that he loved to watch Kobe Bryant growing up.

But Milwaukee Bucks vs. Phoenix Suns? No real rooting interest there, it seems, and he gave it to the fan straight: he just doesn't give a damn. Back to baseball we go.

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