Packers showing lack of ‘dog mentality’ after losses to Giants and Jets


Things are starting to get a bit worrisome in Green Bay after two straight losses to the Giants and Jets knocked the Packers down to 3-3 on the season. They held a lead for most of the game against the Giants before a fourth-quarter meltdown and the Jets pulled away in the second half on Sunday.

A team led by a talent like Aaron Rodgers should be better than 3-3 at this juncture, but the Packers aren’t executing on either side of the ball. On top of that, they aren’t showing much fight either.

Maggie Loney and Perri Goldstein of the Audacy Original Podcast “Pack’s What She Said” talked about the Packers’ problems after a loss at Lambeau Field.

“My concern is the way that they lose,” Goldstein said (5:39 in player above). “It’s the lack of heart. It’s the lack of fire. And being there in person it was so – you could feel it. I think Lambeau tried really hard to get loud when they needed to. We were quiet on offense. I feel like the crowd very much reflected the way the players were feeling, though, and in the fourth quarter, you just couldn’t get anyone to get up and cheer for this team.”

The teams traded field goals in the second quarter for a tie game at halftime. Then the Jets pulled away in the second half with a pair of rushing touchdowns and a blocked punt. Once New York was up by two scores it felt like it was over.

“As much as the defense played their hearts out and gave the offense plenty of opportunities to do something, the energy was so not there,” Goldstein continued. “It was just so not there, and I don’t know what to make of the emotional side of this locker room and I think until I see some fight and some dog mentality come back, that’s why I’m concerned.”

The Packers opened the season with a 23-7 loss in Minnesota but bounced back with three wins over the Bears, Bucs, and Patriots. They beat the Bears 27-10 in the home opener for an easy victory before securing victories over Tampa Bay and New England by a combined five points.

This team needs to find itself, and fast.

“This feels like a team that’s lacking any type of identity. They’re lacking leadership. They’re lacking heart and adversity,” Loney said. “Robert Saleh kind of said it in his postgame presser, this is a team that if you punch them in the mouth they fold, and it’s been the same criticism for three seasons now… It’s something that they need to figure out because this is the NFL and teams are going to punch you in the mouth every week and you have to be able to respond to it.”

The Packers will hit the road for the next three games starting this week in Washington. Green Bay is favored in the game and needs a commanding win to turn things around.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: John Fisher/Getty Images