10 Incredible James Hetfield Moments

By: Anthony Capobianco

Today (August 3rd) is James Hetfield's birthday - legendary Metallica frontman who has forged the way for so many other rock and metal bands. We're celebrating by sharing some of our favorite Hetfield moments.

With a musical career of over 30 years, it's hard to widdle it down to just ten moments but they're definitely unforgettable nonetheless. Enjoy!

1. When he completely geeked out about his guitar named "Carl" 

2. When he name-dropped snubbed bands at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame

3. When he gave this fan his guitar

4. When he got roasted by comedian Jim Breuer

5. When he stole Kirk Hammett's guitar solo

6. When they jammed with Lemmy

7. When he survived being burned by pyrotechnics

8. When he and Kirk got in a Guitar Duel onstage

9. When they became the 2016 ambassadors for Record Store Day

10. When he did this