5 Things People Google Most Around Thanksgiving

By: Kelly Meyers
Photo credit © Alexander Raths | Dreamstime.com

We're less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving! Are you dreaming of the turkey and all the fixings?  

People tend to do a lot more googling as we get closer to Thanksgiving. As you'd imagine, there are plenty of food and recipe related searches. What are the most googled terms around Thanksgiving? CenturyLink did some research and here's what they found. 

1. What restaurants are open on Thanksgiving near me? This makes a lot of sense because not everyone wants to cook a huge meal. Maybe you are single or have a smaller family, or perhaps you just don't want to deal with the cooking and clean up after the dinner is over. There are plenty of restaurants offering some fantastic choices for Thanksgiving. 

2. When is Thanksgiving? I always google this every year because for some reason I never seem to know the exact date. I am not alone.

3. How to cook a turkey: I will be 40 in January and have never prepared a turkey on my own. I can see this as something I would google when my time comes to cook a turkey. 

4. NFL on Thanksgiving: Turkey and football go hand in hand. Watching the Thanksgiving game is the tradition in many homes. 

5. Pecan Pie: This is a staple at many gatherings on Thanksgiving. You can google this to get recipes or places in your area where you can order one too. 

What did we do before Google and Pinterest and all of the amazing websites where we can get top-notch recipes for our Holiday meals?