New Instagram Filter Tells You Which Disney Character You Are

Here's how to find that new Disney filter everyones using

This is probably easier than taking a quiz. 

Instagram user arnopartissimo made one of the hottest new filters out there. Instead of taking a Facebook quiz, you can simply open Instagram and use the ‘Which Disney Are You?’ filter to find out which Disney character you are.

Just about every Disney hero, princess, and villain you can think of will briefly pass over your head before landing on a random character like the Genie, Elsa, Cinderella, Captain Hook, or Dory.

You’ve probably seen some of your friends use the filter. If you’ve been looking for the filter, you can search for it in ‘browse effects’ by typing in ‘Which Disney’.

There are other ways to find the filter amidst the hundreds that exist as well. A simple way is to just snag it from your friends' stories when you see they've been used. All you have to do is tap on the area that defines which filter is at play in the story you're watching, and you'll get the option to try it yourself.

You can then save the filter to your Instagram camera for easy access later on...especially if you're disappointed with the results you got.

And it doesn't stop at just Disney characters. Other Instagram users have used their mad filter-creating skills to come up with similar tests like "Which Harry Potter character are you?," "Which Pokemon are you?," and even "Which font are you?."

With a seemingly endless supply of filters on the app, Instagram users can keep themselves entertained for hours.

Via: Pop Buzz

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