It’s Time: Metallica Watches Unveiled

Designs based on album art and lyrics
Photo credit © Press Association

It’s a great time to be a Metallica fan. The band teamed with Nixon to create a line of hard-rocking watches that are now available.

The collection features eight different models based on the band’s albums – from Kill ‘Em All to Hardwired… To Self-Destruct.

“The fact that each and every one of the band members wanted to participate and did participate in the project was special, man,” Said Joe Babcock – Nixon’s director of product. “Bringing that band’s energy to life through our product was awesome.”

Babcock says his team took details from Metallica’s album art and lyrics and blended them together to create the design of the watches.

“If you look closely, if you’re in the right light, you’re gonna find some more hidden messages and secret experiences on the inside of the watch.”

The watches range in price from $125 to $500. Take a closer look and order one here.