Has Coachella been postponed again?

By , The New ALT 105.3

Coachella initially postponed their original April 2020 dates to two weekends in October of 2020.

Over the summer, those dates were again pushed to April of 2021.

Now, the festival, whose headliners were slated to be Rage Against The Machine, Frank Ocean, and Travis Scott, is set to be postponed for a third time to October 2021, according to music industry insiders who spoke to Rolling Stone.

According to sources, the festival has been cautioning artists and promoters to prepare for a move to fall 2021. The move was supposed to be announced in September, but has not been made official just yet.

Mark Scott, city manager of Indio, where Coachella takes place, told Rolling Stone, "We know Goldenvoice is driven by a desire to deliver quality experience, so safety is a huge part of what they do. It would not surprise me if they had to defer again."

This would put the event in the middle of several other festivals that have pushed their dates to 2021 (Austin City Limits, Shaky Knees) and more that are seeming likely to push spring 2021 dates to fall of next year as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

A move to spring 2022 altogether could also be likely, according to a source cited by Rolling Stone. How much of the original 2020 lineup will be part of the eventual return of the festival is yet to be determined.

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