Dave Grohl's Rare 1992 Solo Album Surfaced on Ebay

How much did a collector pay?
Photo credit Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

By: Anthony Capobianco (via WAAF)

Before joining NirvanaDave Grohl was already writing and recording his own material. In 1992, he released a cassette of demos titled Late!. A rare copy of the cassette recently surfaced on Ebay.

The product description read: "Rare cassette (purchased in 1994 via mail-order) of songs that Dave Grohl demoed, some of which would be re-recorded for either Nirvana or the Foo Fighters." 


"Pokey the Little Puppy" – 4:21
"Petrol CB" – 4:44
"Friend of a Friend" – 3:06
"Throwing Needles" – 3:20
"Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson" – 2:05
"Color Pictures of a Marigold" – 3:13
"Hell's Garden" – 3:18
"Winnebago" (Grohl, Geoff Turner) – 4:11
"Bruce" – 3:52
"Milk" – 2:35

After 34 bids, one lucky winner purchased the cassette for a total of $565.55.