SCREENSHOTS: Warner Bros. Confirms 'Plastic Man' Movie in Development

Up-and-comer Amanda Idoko will bring the shape-shifting superhero to life

A classic DC Comics character is getting ready for his big-screen debut!

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Warner Bros. has hired Amanda Idoko to write a comedic action-adventure script for an upcoming Plastic Man film.

While Patrick "Eel" O'Brian, aka Plastic Man, is not among DC's upper-echelon superheros, the bad guy-turned-good guy is a longstanding fan favorite. Plastic Man had his own comedy cartoon series in the late 1970s and has made numerous appearances with the Justice League over the years.

For those unfamiliar with his story, Plastic Man was a crook who got shot, doused with chemicals, and left for dead... only to wake up with the power to shape-shift and stretch his body into anything.