EXCLUSIVE: Discover Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, Listen to ‘Ain’t Easy’

Listen to the Canadian duo's debut single now
Photo credit USA TODAY Images

Have you ever wondered what happens when a culinary student and an engineering student fall in "musical" love? The answer is music that not only cooks, but is also built to last.

The brand new Canadian duo you're about to discovery is a beautiful partnership between the uber-talented Elijah Woods and his equally talented former classmate Jamie Fine, who delivers the brilliant vocals in their debut track "Ain't Easy."

So now you're probably wondering how these two linked up. If you are, no worries, we found out so you won't have to go to Canada to ask them yourselves: 


We can't stop bangin' the duo's debut single, "Ain't Easy," and we highly suggest you all go out and grab it too. Like, ASAP!!!