EXCLUSIVE: LAUV’s ‘Playlist’ Includes Sushi, ‘Friends,’ Postmates Delivery & More

Get to know the "I Like Me Better" singer... better

Singer/songwriter Lauv is a pretty agreeable guy. In fact, in this EXCLUSIVE interview, he let us flip the script and turn his own song titles, off his I Met You When I Was 18. (The Playlist) album, into our interview questions.

Like, you know, what does it all mean? From sushi, Postmates, and Friends to plane crashes and one very important bracelet, Watch Lauv explain how his art is very much imitating his life:


Meanwhile, Lauv cemented his place in pop-culture by slaying the VMA stage with his hit "I Like Me Better" at last night's MTV VMAs. Miss it? No worries, you can watch it here: