Mitchell Tenpenny Drops Debut Album, ‘Telling All My Secrets’

The country singer's "Drunk Me" is now a No. 1 radio single!

Mitchell Tenpenny released his debut album, Telling All My Secrets, today (December 14). After a very successful year, the singer-songwriter has delivered a refreshing thirteen track collection to the country genre. 

Telling All My Secrets is truly a “Chance Worth Taking” due to the fact that Tenpenny’s new material is as honest as it gets. The country star’s debut project follows his self-titled EP that was released earlier this year. 

Tenpenny’s Telling All My Secrets features his No. 1 and Gold-certified single, “Drunk Me.” He is currently out on the road for his Telling All My Secrets Album Release Tour through February.

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Telling All My Secrets Track List: 

1. Truck I Drove In High School

2. Alcohol You Later

3. All On You

4. Goner

5. Chance Worth Taking

6. I Get the Picture

7. Bitches

8. Drunk Me 

9. Somebody's Got Me

10. Somebody Ain't You

11. Telling All My Secrets

12. Walk Like Him