Freddie Mercury’s Isolated ‘Somebody To Love’ Vocals Are a Must-Listen

You need to hear the vocals-only version of the Queen track

If you were to tell someone that Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest vocalists of all time, they’d be hard-pressed to find any evidence that refutes your statement, especially now that science is on your side.

And in case anyone out there still disagrees, the below video will turn any naysayers into believers. Behold: Freddie Mercury’s isolated vocals on Queen’s A Day at the Races track, “Somebody To Love.”

Need we say more?

As That Eric Alper notes, Mercury penned the song at the piano, and while the other voices appear to come from a full choir, Queen got crafty, layering the voices of Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Mercury to create the illusion of a gospel choir.

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