Watch Portugal. The Man Tackle 8 Pizzas While Talking ‘Woodstock’

Watch part 1 of our exclusive Portugal. The Man series!

Probably the only thing better than a hot slice of pizza is eating a hot slice of pizza with Portugal. The Man. And eat pizza they did—about 8 of ‘em, to be exact. (Yes. 8.) We asked them to try 8 pizzas from 4 different locations in order to find out who makes the meanest pie.

But the conversation didn’t end there—we talked all kinds of food on the road. (Not to give it all away or anything, but this is a crew with a highly cultured palate.) We also got the scoop on the band’s forthcoming album, Woodstock, which drops this Friday, June 16.

Find out who’s got the winning pie and more in our exclusive interview below!



And, just as it’s impossible to eat only one piece of pizza, it’s impossible to watch just one PTM interview, so we’ve got more headed your way—check back soon to find out what’s on their personal tour rider and hear road food stories (the good, the bad, and the horrifyingly disgusting).