EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Trainor Teases Possible Collaborations For Her New Album

'TREAT MYSELF' sounds worth the wait

Let's be real. We had some mixed feelings when we found out that Meghan Trainor was pushing back the release of her third studio album TREAT MYSELF. The first set of songs we got to sample were so good that we got filled with anticipation, but we respect her taking the time to, well, treat herself and allow the album to be the best it can be.

"I’m in such an amazing place and I can’t stop writing songs" she said on Instagram in August. "I’ve decided to move my new album TREAT MYSELF until I get everything out of my head and recorded in the studio. I’ve never been more excited for all of you to hear my new music. Thank you for your continued love and support."

When we recently caught up with Trainor, she talked with us about some of the collaborations on the upcoming effort, and now we know that it will all be worth the wait. "It's like, not even out there, and I hope this makes my album, but I'm trying to collaborate with Sasha Sloan and Lennon Stella" explained Meghan. "Great vocalists, amazing songwriters, girl power. There's three of us. We wrote this amazing song called 'Working On It' and it's about loving yourself and just trying."

Beyond the singer's latest creative streak, Meghan is also in the process of planning a wedding. A no frills except for a bouncey house and a wterfall of chocolate wedding.