Future Is Flexing and Fragile on New 'SAVE ME' EP

The second release from the MC this year

After stirring up something new with The WIZRD earlier this year, Future returned Friday with a new 7 song EP, SAVE ME

It appears that the emotional vein the Atlanta rapper opened on his seventh studio album continues to pulse on his latest effort. On songs like "XanaX Damage" and "Love Thy Enemies", Future flows about real hurt and pain. "I don't mean to ruin all the times we had alone, but I'm not my best with you, I'm so depressed with you" he sings. "But it's so hard, I don't think I can exist without you."

Like on The WIZRD, there's still room for bag bragging and sexual adventures, but it's the vulnerable moments of SAVE ME that echo the loudest. "I need answers, who I can trust?" he asks. "Fighting through breakups, revelation, complicated obligations."

SAVE ME is now available everywhere.