RIP Gracie: Remembering Lauren Jauregui's Adorable Dog

"My heart yearns to feel her licks across my face"
Photo credit RADIO.COM

On Twitter Thursday night, Lauren Jauregui sadly revealed that her dog Gracie has passed away. 

This Frenchie found her way into our heart when we met her and the "Expectations" singer earlier this year. Named after Jauregui's grandmother, Gracie was adorable and apparently very gassy. "She farts uncontrollably whenever she wants, and it's silent" explained Lauren. "Many a moments she's made me the dealer."

"It's tiny but, yeah she smells like that, I'm sorry."

In a post, Jauregui shared some details and memories of Gracie. "Our angel was taken from us incredibly too soon a few days ago due to a freak accident that caused breathing complications we couldn’t fix" she wrote. "I can’t begin to express the heartache that we feel, nor the joy that this little being of light brought to my life for the short but beautifully abundant time we had together in this world.”    

"My heart yearns to feel her licks across my face but I know her essence is with me forever" continues Lauren. "My heart can't fathom why the universe would take her so quickly."   

Rest easy young Gracie, we will never forget our time together. You can watch our talk with Lauren and her daughter Gracie below.