Superheroes Suprise Terminal 7-Year-Old with Unforgettable Party


By Kayla Jardine

Darrian Nordstrom couldn’t believe his eyes when his favorite superheroes surprised him at his home.

The incredible 7-year-old nicknamed DD has a Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor and was recently diagnosed terminal.

To help cheer up DD and his family, the non-profit, Icing Smiles, surprised him at his house with incredible sweets and some special friends.

Baker Michelle Curran, who made the amazing Hulk cake, told, "On the morning of delivery we made a rendezvous point where I was met by not only Hulk, but Captain America, Spiderman, Scarlett Witch, and the Ghostbusters!"

According to Michelle, tons of volunteers came to make the day extra special, including a company who did personalized face paintings. 

"Mom had tears in her eyes," she said. "We all did."

This sweet surprise will be one they’ll always remember.