Taylor Swift’s Cats Have Their Own Line of Merchandise

By: Dana McKay
Lovelytheband; Sound House, Sept. 23, 2018
Photo credit Key Lime Photo

Taylor Swift's cats are almost as famous as she is at this point, and now they're cashing in with their own line of merchandise.

Taylor recently trademarked the name "Meredith and Olivia Swift" for all kinds of consumer goods and the first items went on sale in her official online store last week.

Fans can purchase Meredith and Olivia Swift t-shirts, makeup pouches, pen sets, pins, stickers, and even earrings.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Taylor may also have plans to make pillows and cushions, handbags, and even a Meredith and Olivia Swift live show.

For now though, here are some of the items that are currently available.

Cute, right? Fans are loving it!