Louis Tomlinson on Writing ‘Walls’ and Life on the Tour Bus

Tomlinson talks about his upcoming album and more

Louis Tomlinson’s presence recently graced RADIO.COM's new, state-of-the-art Artist Lounge in Philadelphia, surrounded by anxious and excited fans waiting to hear from their favorite artist.

The One Direction singer hosted a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Louies - an exclusive, invite-only listening party for his upcoming solo album, Walls.

After listening to the new album, RADIO.COM's LA interviewed Tomlinson and even held a fan Q&A where we uncovered the lad’s writing process, talked about life on the tour bus, his favorite music video, and what song means the most to him.

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"I’ll have an instinctive idea of what I want the videos to look like and how the song makes me feel,” Louis says of his most recent set of visuals, nodding to Charlie Lighting, his videographer and cinematographer who brought these creations to life on stage next to Louis and LA. “We wanted to do a video kind of as a narrative that fits across a few pieces.”

He also revealed that he’ll be doing a long-piece to fill in the gaps between all of the music videos to give a more complete picture.

As for his favorite of the bunch? “My personal favorite is 'Don’t Let It Break Your Heart,'” he adds.

From Twitter, Hannah Campbell wanted to know what Louis would want to know about his fans. “I’m often interested in what lyrics people are drawn to," he answers. "So I would ask ‘em what their favorite lyric is and why.”

As for what his Louies would say about him? One word. “Sunshine.”

Louis’ debut solo album is set to release on January 31 featuring already-dropped singles “Two of Us,” “Kill My Mind,” “We Made It,” and “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart.”

You can watch the full interview with Louis Tomlinson and his fans above.

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