Apparently, Everyone Has Been Saying Blink-182 Wrong

And writing it wrong
Photo credit Admedia

A debate recently ensued about how we should be saying Blink-182. You probably read that as “Blink One Eighty Two,” right? WRONG!

The argument began online when British fans, who typically say it as “Blink One Eight Two,” realized that American fans say it differently.  Although biscuits vs cookies and jumpers vs sweaters are things we can agree to disagree on, this, is not. 

Late Late Show writer Ian Karmel kicked off the "international incident," sparking reactions from host James Corden and Blink's own Mark Hoppus

We were almost ready to just rule out the other two options and settle on “Blink One Eighty Two” as the correct choice, but former member Tom DeLonge jumped into the discussion to present a fourth and even more confusing option. 

Respect the art! 

Although the debate of how to say their name may never be settled, we can all agree that the B should be lowercase. Which, as many of you will notice, we’re still doing wrong.