BTS Opens Up on “Boy With Luv” After V Surprises ARMY With Gorgeous New Hair

Get RM’s in-depth look into the album

BTS is fresh off the release of what’s already one of their biggest hits yet. With the help of Halsey, the group has continued to find mainstream success and even more radio acceptance on their latest single “Boy With Luv.”  

The track is their lead single from No.1 album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA. In a broadcast on V Live that follows the group’s tradition of RM giving a look into their albums, he opened up about the new release and dove into the importance of the poetic Korean title for “Boy With Luv.”

A Korean version of the song’s title directly translates to "A Poem for Small Things." When combined with the English title, RM notes that the meaning of the song can be better understood. English language K-pop coverage site Soompi reports that RM explained he wrote “80 to 90 percent of the lyrics” and wanted to focus on topics that are important to the group.

“To me, a ‘persona’ is a mask used in society. A mask can be a bad thing or a good thing, but it’s something you need when you’re living within in a society. My ‘persona’ is RM,” he explained of the album concept. Get his full break down of MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA here.

Along with the amazing look into their album, V left the ARMY shook with his latest hair color. Anyone else dying over the jet black hair?

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