Diving Dog Helps Collect Plastic From the Ocean

How this pup is contributing to World Ocean's Month

As a celebration of World Ocean’s Month, we’re putting the spotlight on an incredible pup that’s helping save the planet.

Lila is an amazing black Labrador that’s here to brighten everyone’s day. After capturing the hearts of the internet with her lobster diving skills, Lila is back with an environmentally-friendly skill to show off.

Warnings that the ocean is under the biggest threat in human history have been taken to heart with this pup’s newest trick. Lila has been trained to dive underwater and pick up water bottles that are littering the ocean.

“I am devoted to the ocean and I trained my black lab Lila how to dive underwater and pick up toys,” owner Alex Schulze writes in the video description of a video that shows Lila's first skill of diving for lobsters.

Schulze is the owner of 4ocean, a company committed to cleaning plastic out of the ocean. 4ocean sells bracelets made out of recycled materials, and pledges to remove one pound of plastic from the ocean for each bracelet sold.

Watch Lila dive for plastic in the video above and click here to learn more about 4ocean.

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