Dua Lipa Encourages Female Empowerment in Wake of Social Media Toxicity

Read her calls for positivity
Photo credit Press Association

Social media can be a toxic place and the pressure from the platforms gets to everyone, including the egg that broke the Instagram record for most likes.

Along with the world_record_egg, negativity brewed from behind a screen also gets to stars like Dua Lipa. Dua took to Twitter to share a general rant encouraging people to spread positivity instead of bashing women for their looks.

The exhaustingly age-old act of comparing women is about to meet its demise. With the feminist movement taking over, vocal queens like Dua are putting an end to the thought that it’s ok to bash women through posts calling out inevitable and completely natural things like wrinkles.

“We love to preach about feminism and sisterhood but it seems like its all for the clout,” she writes after seeing toxic Tweets while scrolling through her timeline. Join the "New Rules" singer in pledging to use your time on social media to spread love instead of hate!