John Mayer Photoshops Diplo out of His Own Picture After He Refused to Pay $400 for It

Could it be promo for their highly-anticipated collab?
Photo credit imageSPACE / Admedia

This brings a whole new level to the meaning of taking someone out of the picture... 

John Mayer has become known for supporting his celebrity friends online. Always lurking in the Instagram comments, the singer hypes everyone up and apparently also offers them graphic design help. 

Hit Producer Diplo recently posted a photo of himself that was ruined by people in the background, writing “couldn’t get rid of these dudes behind me” in the caption. Mayer quickly stepped in to save the day. 

After Photoshopping out the random strangers, Mayer left his watermark on the photo when Diplo refused to pay $400 for his services. “Wow okay guess you don’t like supporting artists,” Mayer hits back in the comments.

Artists: know your worth! 

In a final and completely devastating blow, Diplo ended up getting Photoshopped out of his own photo. The serene water landscape was completely EDM-artist-free, until the series of hilarious photos continued with multiple duplicates of Diplo being added in. 

This also certainly isn’t the first time Mayer has showed off his eye for impeccable graphic design, remember his “New Light” music video

In November of 2018, the duo also teased that they would have a song together coming soon. In an Instagram post, Diplo wrote about how well their creative processes meshed together and explained why he wasn't posting a photo from the studio. Read the full caption here