Khalid Announces New Album and Accompanying Short Film Coming to Theaters

Get the details on his upcoming 'Free Spirit'
Photo credit PictureGroup

Khalid is making his follow-up to 2017 album American Teen in a huge way. If you needed any further proof of his artistic genius, this announcement will definitely be enough to convince you.

After releasing the 7-song Suncity EP in October, Khalid is ready to drop his sophomore album even sooner than you’d expect him to. His next release is titled Free Spirit and drops April 5, in just over a month.

While we were trying to find the time to emotionally prepare ourselves for more of his smooth vocals and calming beats, the singer also announced a short film to go along with it.

The unique release will be in theaters for one day only and the April 3 screening will also allow fans to hear the album a couple of days early. Click here to sign up for updates and keep an eye out for album pre-orders starting March 7. 

The last time we caught up with Khalid, the singer gave us a look inside how he celebrated the release of Suncity. With an EP release countdown that was honestly more exciting than New Year's Eve, the singer had the perfect night.