MAX and Noah Cyrus “Team” Up with Adorable Rescue Pets: Exclusive

Watch the singers visit the Best Friends Animal Society in the cutest video ever

Noah Cyrus and MAX recently joined forces to deliver their heartfelt jam, “Team.” The super sweet song is an ode to their families, friends, and loved ones, reminding them that they’ll always be on their side and just spreading general love and positivity.

Noah has shared that the song has a very special meaning to her and is dedicated to her grandparents. We also recently chatted with "Lights Down Low" singer MAX about what "Team" means to him and he gushed about his beautiful wife, Emily. So cute! 

The "Team" duo came with us to visit the Best Friends Animal Society and had to use some serious self-control to not adopt every single animal they saw. Watch them add a bunch of loving pets to their team in this unbelievably adorable video: 


Both singers are no strangers to animal shelters and have adopted pets at home. MAX recently visited animal adoption centers across the country, playing acoustic sets and inviting fans to help the pets find families. Tell me that's not the purest thing you've ever heard...

The fun-sized slaya’s second full-length album will be here soon and he’s teased the initials HOD as the title-- I think it stands for Help Our Dogs.

The Best Friends Animal Society is launching their Pay It Forward Adoption Campaign today (June 25) with a goal of saving 10,000 dogs and cats. From June 25 - July 4, they’re asking people to donate $25 to “pay forward” the adoption fee for a cat or dog, allowing others to come in and adopt without a fee. 

To help adorable pets like the ones you saw MAX & Noah playing with find loving homes, click here.

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