Rihanna Sends SZA Gift Card After Sephora Employees Accused Her of Stealing

RiRi is making up for the mishap in the perfect way

At the end of April, SZA took to Twitter to share how a day of just trying to pick up items from Fenty Beauty was turned into a nightmare. “Lmao Sandy Sephora location 614 Calabasas called security to make sure I wasn’t stealing,” she wrote on Twitter.

SZA laughed the incident off before complaining that she just wanted to cop her Fenty in peace.

Sephora soon responded with a statement to Allure, assuring they were investigating the situation and would be looking into miss Sandy from location 614. “We have been informed of an incident at our Calabasas store and in addition to reaching out to SZA directly, we are gathering more information about the incident in order to take the proper next steps. We take complaints like this very seriously, profiling on the basis of race is not tolerated at Sephora.”

After outrage from fans, news of the incident eventually made its way to Rihanna herself. The Fenty Beauty owner and all-around queen had the perfect response ready to go.

SZA shared to her Instagram story that RiRi had mailed her a gift card to make sure she could get the makeup she was looking for. “Go buy yo Fenty Beauty in peace sis!” Rihanna wrote in a note attached to the gift card.

This is clear proof that Rihanna will always be No.1.