Study Finds That Listening to Slipknot Makes for a More Dangerous Driver

Stay away from people listening to “(sic)” on the road
Corey Taylor of Slipknot
Photo credit Kevin Winter, Getty

Researchers are constantly out to prove that heavy metal is bad for you. After finding that death metal fans are actually nice people, now we have to fend off another survey that says listening to heavy metal while driving is actually dangerous. 

While we’re not happy about it, they may be right about this one…

Auto Express and IAM RoadSmart conducted a study to find out how music impacts a listener’s driving abilities. During the test, consumer reporter Tristan Shale-Hester drove five different laps: one control round, and one lap each listening to pop, hip hop, classical, and heavy metal.

For the heavy metal lap, Tristan listened to the blistering “(sic)” by Slipknot, and geez, were his results bad. His finish time was a full 14 seconds slower than the control lap and researchers describe his movements as “far more jagged.”

While heavy metal ruined his driving, listening to classical music wasn’t much better. The overly-calming Bach made him finish 12 seconds slower as his speed dropped to 35mph in a 50mph zone without him noticing. Listening to Kendrick Lamar had him finish the closest to his original control time, but playing some good old Taylor Swift resulted in the most consistent driving.

We’re choosing to continue listening to Slipknot in the car, despite the risks. Drivers: beware.