Travis Scott Taps Nas for ‘Playboy’ Discussion About Generational Divide in Hip Hop

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Photo credit Neilson Barnard / Mike Coppola, Getty

With an emergence of Soundcloud artists influencing a completely different wave of rappers, fans of legends like Tupac are struggling to relate to fans of Lil Pump. The constant evolution of the genre that’s completely dominating the streaming era is a polarizing one where the two camps rarely interact or come to an agreement.

Travis Scott and Nas are ready to change that. In a new Playboy segment titled The Speech Issue, the magazine is highlighting artists of every medium and showcasing how they’ve changed the world.

Travis specifically selected Hip Hop titan Nas to join him for a conversation that spans from the differences in the genre, to how lyrics have evolved with the times, to how technology has changed everything.

“Now you can just go, “Yo, the album will be out in a week.” No single, no nothing,” Nas comments in response to Travis’ explanation that the artists are taking back control with the ability to release tracks whenever they want to. “All the restrictions are gone. You can be free to make your music.”

“The past generation knocked down so many doors where, you know, they were spitting a lot of pain, man… Now we got more of a voice at the label. We can kind of put out our own music whenever. You and I could do a song during this interview and upload it right now if we wanted to,” Scott builds off of how streaming platforms have totally changed the game.

Despite a lot of criticism from old heads, Nas presents a positive outlook on today’s Hip Hop that’s fueled by respect for artists like Travis. Travis looks into his current success, explaining he never expected to be selling out stadiums the way he’s been on his ASTROWORLD Tour- a comment that comes just before news of his record-breaking, $2M grossing LA Forum show surfaced.

“We’re sitting here in a fly-ass car and this is all we dreamed about—all our brothers coming up and having something out of this life, not just material things but having whatever you want, seeing the fruits of your labor,” Nas comments on the success a select few on both sides of the generational divide have seen.

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