WATCH: Alessia Cara’s New Single ‘Growing Pains’ Hits Home

"Growing Pains" is the first song off of her upcoming sophomore album

“You’re on your own kid,” states an audio clip at the beginning of Alessia Cara’s new song, “Growing Pains.” True.

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“Growing Pains” is the first single off of Alessia’s upcoming sophomore album. Recurring themes for the singer-songwriter such as uncertainty about her future and the changes that come with growing up are at the forefront of this track.

I’m the same age as Alessia and am at a stage in life where this song rings especially true. Everything is changing at once and, as illustrated by lyrics like “Don’t know if I even care for grown if it’s just alone,” it can be super hard to handle all these changes on your own.  

The heartfelt and honest song is sure to connect with tons of people going through similar life changes. An adorable lyric video for the song features Alessia pondering life in an very oversized suit. Watch here: