WATCH: Halsey Shares Cinematic Trailer for “Strangers” featuring Lauren Jauregui

This video wraps up a year-long story by showing how it all began

Over the past year, Halsey has weaved fans through the story of two lovers overcoming all odds together. The Romeo and Juliet inspired saga concludes on June 20th with the release of “Strangers,” the final chapter.

This NSFW video featuring Lauren Jauregui is the last piece of a story told through Halsey's saga of self-directed videos. The five-part series also includes videos for the songs “Now or Never,” “Bad at Love,” “Sorry” and “Alone,” all tracks from Halsey's second album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

The cinematic, short-film like music videos follow the dynamic and intense love story of Luna (Halsey) and Rosa (Lauren Jauregui). “Strangers” will loop back to the beginning of the story, explaining how it all began.

Watch the dramatic trailer for the final instalment below: