New Bushman Video "Somehwhere" and forwards to the spot light of Roots Reggae

Rastaman from Portland, Jamaica Rastafrian Singer
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Bushman is on the road again and has a new video. He is sure to be touring this spring and summer. He has a new video for "Somewhere"

Rastaman from the hills of Eastern Jamaica has been quite for sometime but came out with a vengence at the 25th Annual staging of Rebel Salute Jan. 19th 2019. As usual at the stage shows with and seemingly endless artists the time slots get pushed back and some artists perform late in the morning the next day or they don't perform at all. This was the case this year with Bushman. Late in the show Bushman was on stage in iddle of his set and was asked to cut it short so Jah Cure and Kenyatta Hill could perform. Bushman yielded to Jah Cure and sang a couple songs. Thenthey asked that Kenyatta take the stage. Bushman said "No" I have been contracted to do a 25 minute set and want to perform for my fans. He fulfilled his contract and gave a great performance. The problem wasnt that He and Kenyatta has a problem it's that stage management want to strike Bushmans band to bring on Kenyatta's band. That would have ended Bushman's set and that why he declined to do so. 

He was later interviewed about the happeneings. Here is the video with Onstage Jamaica correspondent:

Bushman was invited for an in-studio interview to talk about current affairs.

He aslo went on Entertainment Report on TVJ.

Bushman is sure to be touring this spring and summer. He has a new video for "Somewhere"